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Desperado Music Productions Studio

The time when you have to go to an expensive studio to record are over! Desperado Music Productions is a professional recording studio in Sprang Capelle. Our studio has been a trusted address in the audio world with extensive experience in the making of complete CD-productions (or CD catalogue), studio and location recordings, Mixing & mastering, CD and DVD printing and voice overs & music indubs for over 15 years.

Extensive experience

Through the years Desperado Music Productions has worked with international artists like Steve Wariner and Rob Crosby (USA) (Also member of The Common Linnets) as well as a lot of local talent. The studio has a widely orientated customer base. From Pop, Country to Americana music.

Our offer

Mastering is optional in USA, but of course also possible with us. Since recently we also make beats with hip-hop and R & B. We produce or arrange your music pieces with the desired result.

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We deliver artists who will make a spectacular show of your evening!

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