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Dolly & Me

2016 was the year of change for the songstress. She lost 50 kilos of weight and listened to herself for maybe the first time in her career. After the successful return of K-otic in 2016 it was now finally time for the debut album of Rachel.While inspired by her idols Dolly Parton, The Dixie Chicks and Adele she worked on her new single. The first single of her album was released in October 2017.

‘In one of my new songs I sing: “I let the fools talk for a while, made mistakes and I’ve learned to get back on the road”. That’s how it really feels like for me, I haven’t listened to myself in a long time. I wasn’t forced to do things, but it just never was what I had envisioned or it didn’t seem totally right. That’s changed now, I only want to work with people who believe in what I can do, not in what they think I should do. Maybe it’s a good thing that I took some time with my album, I think I wasn’t ready before. Of course it’s amazing to hear and feel that people are just as enthusiastic about my plans as I am. After 16 years I am finally going to create a solo album, not just a single but a real album. Everything that I do is honest, I am no longer going to wear masks. Pop songs with a country vibe. That’s who I am.’’ – Rachel

Rachel Kramer can’t be excluded from the music business these past years. In her almost 20-year long career she’s replaced Ilse de Lange as lead singer of ‘Cash on Delivery’, won the programme Starmaker and became a true sensation with the group K-otic. For two years, Rachel lived as a true teen idol. After the group quit in 2003, Rachel kept performing until she showed the entire country what she was capable of as a solo artist in 2009 when she won second place in the popular television show X-Factor. After this, Rachel had weekly performances around the country with her band M-Bush. After the birth of her first child (Saja Jada) in 2013 Rachel became the main host of the biggest dinner-show in Rotterdam, Villa Thalia. The reunion of the band K-otic in 2016 (with a final performance for 10.000 people in a sold out AFAS Live) is the start of the new Rachel Kramer.

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