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Musical creativity runs deep in the Mississippi mud. Blues, Country, Rock & Roll and R&B all owe a good deal of their existence to the rich soil and riverbanks of this southern state. Seminal artists,from Elvis to BB King, Jimmy Rodgers to Muddy Waters, Tammy Wynette to Faith Hill, have all begun their musical journeys in Mississippi.

New country duo, TUPELO HONEY, are fully aware that they are standing on the shoulders of these giants. Jordyn Mallory and Zach Moody are both from Tupelo (birthplace of Elvis Presley). In their writing and singing, they borrow from, and try to do justice to, their musical forbears, while at the same time forging their own
tributary to the Big River of Mississippi music.

Though both from Tupelo, Jordyn and Zach did not actually connect until they both moved to Nashville. But when they did sit down to sing and write songs together, the chemistry was palpable. Jordyn’s voice is pure honey that packs a punch.

Zack’s voice is a fine gumbo of R&B and country influences. Both are strong lead singers in their own right, but their harmony singing is a wonder. At turns, explosive and tender, they can make a song come alive like few vocal groups in any genre of music.



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