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Melissa Janssen

Melissa Janssen (1997) was born and raised in Eindhoven. Music is her greatest passion. She sings daily and also listens to music during the entire day. Melissa gets her inspiration from her biggest idols: Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Tina Turner and Prince. She also liked to sing and listen to different genres like Pop, Country, Blues and Rock.

At 11 years old she had her first solo performance and from that moment on started performing in earnest. When she was 12 years old she moved half of an audience to tears with her performance of the song ‘Ben’ which she sang during a Michael Jackson Tribute.

When she was 15 years old, she participated in ‘The Next Poptalent’ of Dutch television channel SBS6. This was a talent show to which adults were almost exclusively admitted. But, Melissa, the youngest of the singers, managed to get the title. After that, Melissa mainly started performing and gaining experience. She personally felt that this was a less successful period. Afterwards however it was determined that this was a very important period for her development. In this period, Melissa rapidly developed in a better artist and performer.

As an 18-year old she competed in the most popular talent show in the Netherlands: ‘The Voice of Holland’. During her audition she impressed the jury with her performance of the number ‘The house of the Rising Sun’. She chose to be part of team Borsato from famous Dutch singer Marco Borsato. This turned out to be a good choice since she ended up in the semi-finals of that season.
After The Voice she ended up getting multiple offers, but it wasn’t yet clear what Melissa wanted. After coming into contact with Coen Pots it became clear that Melissa wanted to create her own music and if possible with her own band. With great help from Coen, getting a band together was realised. This band is named LADY JOHNSON and is a real rock band. Currently they are busy with recording their own work in a studio. Their first performance in the Cacaofabriek in Helmond was received very well. Melissa currently performs as Melissa Janssen (tape-act) and with the band Lady Johnson and enjoys every minute on stage.

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